Smolten Twig Hook, Winter


(Right arm slightly longer than left) Drawing inspiration from beauty and nature, these hand beaten steel hooks are of the very best quality. They are created using special handmade steel hammers and tools. The steel is heated in a furnace and then undergoes a lengthy hand-beating process while red hot. It is then molded and painstakingly bent section-by-section. Following that it is cut to size, tapered and/or bent, ground and welded together to create the final product. While being functional, the hand beaten textured finish gives these products a natural, organic look – opposed to a perfectly smooth, engineered look.
They are beautiful in their simplicity but still manage to bring character to a room.
They are a unique choice to hang bath towels and bathrobes in bathrooms and bedrooms; swimming towels on a patio; scarves, hats, bags – you name – in entryways and bedrooms.