Wooden Tutsi Vessel 1, metal detail


Traditionally, Tutsi Milk Containers were hand-carved and expertly shaped from one solid piece of wood by Tutsi artisans of the African Great Lakes region on the Rwandan-side. These jugs would eventually start breaking from overuse, but they were successfully repaired using metal pieces to patch the cracks. The individual designs resulting from these functional, metal repairs add a mystical uniqueness to each piece. Each vessel is one-of-a-kind and brings a simplicity and functionality showing off their beauty. The simple cylindrical shape adds a beautiful dimension and contrast to the décor of the room.
This piece can bring a highlight in any décor. They can be displayed in any room as a stand-alone , a few of them in different sizes can be clustered together on a table, console or shelf to give a gorgeous contrast with modern décor. We also love it displaying a bunch of beautifully selected dried flowers to serve as a vase.
They have a beautiful story and are guaranteed to be a wonderful conversation piece. These pieces are not just objects but a blending of traditional African craftsmanship with contemporary style.