The Bozo people in the Segou region of Mali hand carved wooden puppets that were both purposely intriguing and dramatised for effect. They were used in the very popular Sogo Bo puppet theatre or masquerade which is still widespread. This particular wooden pink puppet is indicative of the drama that is central to all the stories. Sogo Bo means ‘the animals come forth’. The sculptures were made and used during energetic performances which included singing, dancing and drumming. The performances were, and are, almost all concerned with social criticism and often dramatises conflicts between co-wives in a polygamous family. It also gives the youth an opportunity to expressive themselves. The unique character of these pieces provides the perfect opportunity to introduce character and dimension into our houses. Their organic shapes look outstanding in our modern homes when styled correctly. The eye is automatically drawn to these characters so be careful not to overclutter the display table you place it on.


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