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Oksijen interior design studio was founded in 2007 with an emphasis on residential spaces which rapidly expanded to commercial design. We are based in Johannesburg and are working from flex-offices in Cape Town and Dar es Salaam.


House Bramley

House Bramley

Oksijen interiors - House Minnaar

House Minnaar

Oksijen interiors - House Risidale

House Risidale

Westminister - Oksijen Interior Design

Westminister Kitchen

Oksijen Interiors - House Parktown North

House Parktown North

Saxonwold Apartment - Oksijen

Saxonwold Apartment

Barradonna - Oksijen Interior Design


Oksijen Interiors - House Northcliff

House Northcliff

Oksijen Interiors - Saxonwold Bathroom

Saxonwold Bathroom

5th Avenue - Oksijen

5th Avenue

Oksijen Interiors - House Ashford

House Ashford

Oksijen - House Herbert Baker

House Herbert Baker

Oksijen interiors - parkwood cottage

Parkwood cottage

Ashford Bathroom - Oksijen

Ashford Bathrooms

Killarney Apartment

Killarney Apartment

Melville Poolside Cottage - Oksijen Interior Design

Melville Poolside Cottage

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